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About company

The company Inter Gips, Ltd. was founded in 1994. In 1994 - 2001 it was a part of the holding of the joint-stock company IPS.

Since 2001, Inter Gips, Ltd. is an independent private company.

The production centre specialises in the supply and assembly of dry inside structure, in particular as follows:

  • plasterboard systems
  • mineral slab hung ceilings
  • interior metal and aluminium ceilings
  • acoustic ceilings, partitions and linings
  • plaster  walls of precise bricks
  • convertible dividing walls and sconces
  • linings of walls with decorative panels
  • fire protection partitions and linings
  • fire protection seals and insulation
  • double floor systems
  • floating dry floors
  • tiling and pavements
  • interior surface treatment
  • additional storeys and loft conversions

In 1997 the company became a member of the Craft of Czech Plasterboarders. In 1998 the Director of the company, Ing. Petr Pume, was elected Member of the Board of the Craft of Czech Plasterboarders. In 2000 and 2001 he held the position of Executive Vice-Chairman.

In 1999 the company was granted certificates by the Craft of Czech Plasterboarders and the Producers of Plasterboard Systems for the assembly of the systems Rigips and Knauf.

In 2003  the production centre of the company was awarded the certificate of quality ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and the environmental certificate ČSN EN ISO 14 001 for dry inside structures, plasterboard systems.

The trade centre is:

  • dealer of the company Bayex - Ltd., subsidiary of Saint-Gobain
  • dealer of the company Allfa Dübel, GmbH, Germany



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  • Metrostav, a.s.
  • BD Britská V, B1
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